Hello and thanks for stopping by. :)

Here is a selection of some of the things I’m up to (last updated January 2016):

Digital Marketing I work with a range of clients helping them to get their digital marketing just right.
Web Design I design and build websites that sell. Here’s some of my latest work
Blog I write (very occasionally) about the work I’ve done and the places I’ve been. A modern day CV if you will. You can read it here.
Photography I like to submit some of my favorite photos to Unsplash, a free stock photography site so that they can find a deserving home. Here’s the link to my profile there.
Taking Sessions I try and spend a healthy amount of time in the water surfing or kitesurfing. It keeps my head clear and makes me happy.
Instagram @petehardie
Videography Excellent Nosh Youtube channel
Reading List: Links to some of my favorite stuff online

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